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Whether you are a beginner in yoga or a yoga master, Tao Porchon-Lynch has everything you need to feel younger and be a part of the wonderful world of yoga. Click above 'Services' to learn more about Tao's weekly classes in Westchester County, New York as well as her upcoming workshops and retreats.


"It’s hard to capture the essence of the “Tao experience” in mere words. What happens when you’re in her presence is the transformation of your untapped possibilities into actuality. It’s a magical alchemy achieved when her strong, positive energy unfetters the blocked potential in every cell in your body.You come to her class feeling tired by the many road blocks, large and small, that you’ve faced throughout your day. Given your lack of energy, you’re not sure you’ll even be able to replicate your yoga moves of the previous session.  But once you’re in your poses and Tao, using her particular combination of encouragement and the wisdom of centuries’ old yoga techniques, shows you how to refine your stance, you suddenly move beyond your comfort zone and find yourself doing what you would have sworn you could never do. This surpassing of your self-imposed limits carries over to your world outside the yoga studio.Tao leads each student who is ready to accept her wisdom to a special place where outmoded fears are cast aside and new goals are constantly formulated. With modesty and humility, she illuminates the way by her own shining example, inspiring everyone with whom she comes into contact.  Whenever I leave her presence, I’m imbued with a renewed zest for the blessing that is life. "- Andrea Kurtz

"Tao is a bright light! As soon as she walks in the room you are charged by her electric presence. Her teaching is infused with years of experience plus tons of compassion. Whether you are a beginning yoga student or a long-time yoga teacher, you will walk away amazed and inspired!" - Dr. Terri Kennedy

 “I was fortunate to begin my yogic path in Tao's hands. Her magical presence captured me from the first moment and her kindness, beauty and wisdom continue to live at the heart of my practice 20 years later. Achieved, exuberant, stylish, and adventurous,she is the fully expressed feminine ideal and an inspiration to all women; ageless and timeless.” - Renee Diamond

 “Studying with Tao is one of the most enriching experiences. She generously shares her wisdom from a lifetime of practicing with students and masters from around the world. Her positioning tips and unique vinyasas will enhance your yoga, whether for an hour, a day or an entire weekend- a workshop with Tao will leave you lit up with inspiration and possibility. She is magic and it's contagious! Om shanti. “ - Joanna Rajendran

 “My journey with Tao is an amazing, spiritual experience, because her basic teaching is energy, love and being in the moment. No words can justify the joy I experience in her presence. I like her techniques, being simple and effective. She is very open for suggestions from other teachers and students .”- Baiju Mehta

 “Of course at first with Tao, you are amazed and inspired by being taught by a 94 year old yoga teacher. Then as she teaches you the intricacies of how each joint and bone in your body is connected and affects your postures, you realize she is simply a great yoga teacher. Then as she proceeds to teach you how each atom and spiritual space in the universe is connected to you and you to it, you realize she is simply a great teacher.” -Mac McLaughlin

 “When I met Tao in 1991, I was smitten with her abundance of knowledge, beauty, charm, grace and elegance.I was drawn to the wonderful world of Tao and her specialness of being. Tao has always nurtured me and that seed of yoga through her patience of overflowing spirit. She is truly an enlightened being and generously shares this experience with all who have the opportunity to study with her. Tao's presence in my life has been one of the most influential and positive factors. Tao has more, then anyone in my life, helped me expand and blossom past the many obstacles I had placed in my life.” I'd like all to share in the "Tao Experience."- Arlene Towers

 "Studying with Tao Porchon-Lynch is truly amazing! She is inspirational in every sense of the word. Hearing about her very interesting life and all that she has accomplished and continues to do is proof that she believes "that there is nothing you cannot do". In addition, she has inspired me and given me the confidence to try new things and to go beyond what I thought were my limits. She is always positive, patient and gentle, but has the gift of helping her students go deeper, learning new ways of doing things while working hard without them even realizing it, as her classes are always fun and lighthearted, just like her! Studying with Tao is a real treat!" - Susan Buchman

 "To say that Tao is an inspiration as a teacher is an understatement. I am constantly in awe of Tao. Tao shows us every day that anything is possible. Tao makes me believe her motto, “there is nothing you cannot do.” - Shelly Wierman





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